About Us

The name of the company ‘NAMOH SUNDARI’ is salutation of “MAHA TRIPURSUNDARI”.

SHREE VIDHYA is experiential knowledge of GODDESS MAHA TRIPURSUNDARI, that leads to the liberation or the Supreme Truth. The most beautiful goddess who is the fountainhead of all the beauty, forever youth & supreme knowledge. The founder of the company ANJANA PURI, is an initiated Shri Vidhya Disciple & Practitioner. She believes in true DISCIPLEHOOD, from last 18 years, under the supreme guidance of Siddha Tradition, she learned & practice various sadhanas as per Sanatan Dharma & TANTRA in the grace of SHANKRACHARYA GURU MANDAL ,SADGURUDEV NIKHILESHWARANADA ,MATA SADHANA JI & SADGURUDEV SUDERSHAN NATH JI.

Whatever knowledge she has been imparted by the gurus, she knows there should be piousness in the sacred provisions which are a necessity for the seekers & practitioners in their sadhana & pooja rituals. Keeping this in mind, these sacred provisions works as catalyst to scale up and excel towards spiritual growth & in their journey towards ENLIGHTENMENT. She has developed a great insight about various herbs, their uses, how they have great impact on our mind ,body & soul. Co-relating the available Spiritual “n” Ayurvedic text Namoh Sundari has formulated various products adding on to the overall wellness & wellbeing of a person and society.