Namoh Sundari offers ‘’SACRED ROUTES” pilgrimage programs to various sacred vibrant places across India. Here our idea is to address great number of people who seek spiritual aspects to their vacation, it is more like allowing oneself to encounter & experience the Divine.

A travel to an exotic place will cheer you up, walking with US on the SACRED ROUTES you get a chance to create space for your spirit to stretch. It provides the opportunity to step out of the non-stop busyness of our lives to seek a time for self i.e ME TIME. It is highly spiritual & social activity allowing us to enjoy the company of others we meet on these pilgrimages. It gives us a chance to re-energize mentally, physically & spiritually. Above all it allows us to reconnect with our rich cultural & natural heritage as it helps to refresh our faith or seek peace and solace. This is accomplished by visiting vibrant holy places ,bathing inn holy rivers, trekking, river-rafting, sight seeing participating in various dynamic yoga ,meditation techniques, life coaching, healing times in the lap of mother nature, exotic food,music-dance, fun & laughter, helping in the quest of self-realization and how to get in tune with frequency of nature.


Most recent SCARED ROUTES pilgrimage was to Pashupathnath, Mukhtinath & Kailash Maansarovar. It was a lifetime journey for all our fellow travelers, they all returned from trip completely rejuvenated & transformed.

The Magical & Mystical Himalyas keep enticing the spiritual seekers and trekkers from the entire globe. SACRED ROUTES motive is to provide the life-time experience which soothes Mind Body & Soul…!!

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