Aroma Mysteries 

Aroma Mysteries The use of aromatics was first recorded in human history at around 3500yrs BC by Egyptians who were famed for their use of infused oils. It was their development of aromatic medicine that created the first foundation that modern aromatherapy was build on. The ancient Indians, Greeks, Romans and Chinese used essential oils for rituals & religious practices, recognising the oils to influence human feelings . After substantial research biologists began to more fully understand how chemical sensors in the body respond to the effect of scent on human emotion and moods. Because of the complexities’ of the human brain certain aromas can elicit emotions by triggering memories & stimulating emotional responses. Aroma oils helps in the effective treatment of uplifting mood, calming stress & anxiety , depression ,insomnia ,,cough cold & acne etc .These oils and their blends are effective not only at psychological level but also at physiological level.

NAMOH SUNDARI offers ‘’AROMA MYSTERIES’’ a wide range of superior quality essential oils and their blends, personalised perfumes with the purpose ,fragrances to match your dynamic personality .Our Attars (are pure floral extracts absolutely free from any adulteration of vegetable oils & alcohol ,formulated and manufactured by traditional methods) are widely used for religious and spiritual purposes. Everything we used is derived from nature including essential oils , floral waters ,plant extracts including nourishing & revitalising ingredient’s widely available in nature. Our experts source the genuine and natural material which is potent to deliver optimum results.