Vedas provide the oldest source of incense use of mainly in Ayurveda , Rigveda and Atharvaveda. Burning of incense was practiced for medical purposes or to offer soothing and pleasent Aroma to deity. Ayurveda’s first phase used incense for medical purposes mainly healing. Across the globe floral incense sticks are lit during the prayer time, this is so because they help to a greater extent in plunging into divinity and worship. Above all, when you light an incense stick during worship time, it uplifts your mood and bring peace of mind. Spirituality is not merely about worshiping , it is about getting rid of negative energies from inside and from the AURA. Experts suggest that there are nooks and spots in the residential and commercial place that require deep cleansing. From ancient times, our ancestors are burning incense sticks to connect with divine and intensify psychic powers. It helps in adoration of the deity.

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